DiaGest: Gesture and Speech in Dialogue

The project was focused on the study of gestural and spoken components of utterances in Polish task-oriented dialogues. Two task were employed for the recordings:
- "origami" - the reconstruction of a figure made of a sheet of paper
- "spatial arrangement" - the reconstruction of a spatial structure built of some artefacts (e.g., a mug, a pen, batteries)
Instruction givers and instruction followers were recorded using two camcorders fronting each of them. The project was a starting point for our collaboration and a testing ground for various ideas and methodologies. We tested a number of tasks and settings in respect of their "gesture-evoking" power. We worked on our own transcription and labeling techniques and we did some attempts to verify certain claims on gesture and speech co-occurrence on the grounds of the Polish language.

For more information, please contact Maciej Karpinski (maciej.karpinski [at] amu.edu.pl)